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"There's a better way to do it - Find it."

A Thomas Edison TED Talk by John Keegan


Humanity's march to progress has been the story of relentless innovation, from ancient Egypt to the information revolution today, all reflected in certain suggestions of Edison as takeaways in his tool box to help us solve his challenge to all of us “There’s a better way to do it. Find it.” Awarded the title of “Man of the Millennium”, there is no better exemplar of this spirit of innovation and information revolution than Edison who epitomizes modern technology driven progress. His impact on our daily lives and around the world has been socially and economically legendary, including the very principles of STEAM education we now teach across the nation and worldwide. See the world through the humanitarian spirit of Thomas Edison as his greatest salesman John Keegan leads you on a passionate, guided tour.


John P. Keegan is currently the Chairman and President of the Charles Edison Fund and Edison Innovation Foundation (“EIF”) both of which charitable organizations support medical research, science education, historical preservation and the enhancement of the Edison legacy. EIF was established in 1996 to raise funds to restore and enhance the Thomas Edison National Historical Park (“TENHP”). In October 2009, TENHP reopened after extensive renovations with substantial financial support from EIF in the approximate amount of $15M. The interior of Edison’s garage was historically repaired and painted along with the restoration and conservation of Edison’s cars. In addition, EIF is committed to educating the next generation of great innovators. John is a practicing attorney in the State of New Jersey for over fifty-five years, he received a B.A. Degree from University of Notre Dame, J.D. Law Degree from Georgetown Law Center, MPA Degree from Harvard University and an Honorary Doctoral Degree from St. Thomas Aquinas College. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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