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About the Edison Innovation Foundation

In October 2009, the Laboratory Complex at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park reopened after an extensive closure for renovations.

Working with the National Park Service and other partners, substantial financial support from the Edison Innovation Foundation and Charles Edison Fund made the $15 million renovation of the Laboratory Complex possible.

The Edison Innovation Foundation invites donors to support the ongoing needs of the Thomas Edison National Historical Park by contributing to the continuing efforts to revitalize science education and Edison’s legacy.

Innovation and Edison drove us through the industrial age and will continue to drive us into the future. Please help us carry on our important work. Financial contributions to the Edison Innovation Foundation are 100% tax deductible.

Edison Innovation Foundation

The Edison Innovation Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the Edison Legacy and encourages students (including women and minorities) to embrace careers in science, technology, and engineering and is committed to educating the next generation of great innovators while using Edison and his Invention Factory as the foundation.

Charles Edison Fund

Our sister fund, the Charles Edison Fund is an endowed philanthropic institution dedicated to the support of worthwhile endeavors generally within the areas of medical research, science education and historic preservation. The Fund is an extension of the benefactions and aspirations of its Founder, Charles Edison, the son of Thomas Edison and former Governor of New Jersey.

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