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Licensing the Thomas Edison Legacy


Licensing Thomas Edison - Edison Innovation Foundation
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Thomas Edison (1847-1931) has been hailed as the world’s greatest inventor. Among his many 1,093 patented inventions are the phonograph, motion picture camera and the light bulb. He also created the basic approach to industrial research and development (R&D) still used today. Besides being an inventor, he really stands out as an innovator and entrepreneur which is one of the reasons TIME Magazine stated he is “still relevant today”.

The Charles Edison Fund, sister fund of Edison Innovation foundation, licenses all of Edison's Intellectual Property (IP) such as his name, images, quotes, artifacts, notebooks, letters, etc. Edison's image has been crucial in successfully promoting products by Chick-Fil-A, Chevy Volt, Mazda, Harvoni, Intel and many more through our licensing company. 

By working directly with The Charles Edison Fund, brands have put together campaigns featuring Thomas Edison around the globe. We love to work with brands that are as innovative & as forward thinking as Edison himself!


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