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Thomas A. Edison Awards

The Edison Foundations Are Proud To Support the Future of Innovation

"The Edison Innovation Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the Edison Legacy and encourages students (including women and minorities) to embrace careers in science, technology, and engineering and is committed to educating the next generation of great innovators while using Edison and his Invention Factory as the foundation."

Professional Awards

The TOMMY is an award created by the Edison Innovation Foundation for distribution to candidates who have invented innovative products or services, especially those who have used innovation to benefit humanity, like Thomas Edison did. There are no age, gender or nationality limitations to who can receive this award.

The Edison Innovation Foundation has sponsored a number of these awards over the last 25 years on our own and with partnering organizations such as Intel, to honor companies and individuals who bring Edison's humanitarianism and ingenuity to today's world. 

Educational Awards


The Edison Foundations are proud to partner with organizations such as The National Gallery for America's Young Inventors, Nexans, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Notre Dame to reward high achieving and innovative students in STEM. These awards have be awarded to students who have created outstanding inventions, products and businesses that propel us toward a more innovative and sustainable future.

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