As part of its Education mission,

"The Edison Innovation Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the Edison Legacy and encourages students (including women and minorities) to embrace careers in science, technology, and engineering and is committed to educating the next generation of great innovators while using Edison and his Invention Factory as the foundation."

Edison Innovation Foundation supports and rewards innovation;

An award was designed ,the “TOMMY”, for distribution to candidates who invented an innovative product or service. There are no age , gender or nationality limitations.

The first TOMMYs were given to the winners of an Innovator of the Year contest run by the National Museum of Education and has continued for the past twenty years.

In 2016, the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) which has 24, 000 members, gave the award to their most innovative companies. The award ceremony took place during YPO’s annual , worldwide Innovation Week which concluded at the Thomas Edison Lab and Home located in West Orange, New Jersey. The final YPO event of their Innovation Week was to ring the closing bell at the NASDQ stock exchange in Wall Street.

The TOMMY award can be engraved with name of the sponsor and the winner.

Pictures: (Left) Blank "Tommy" award, (Right) Customized Intel-Edison "Tommy"

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