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Edison Invention

Scavenger Hunt

A Fun & Easy Challenge for Grades K-8!

A unique way to learn about Thomas Edison & the inventions that shaped the modern world. Submit your discoveries before June 8 for the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

**Students under 13 years old must enter the contest with a parent or guardian!

For Middle School & Elementary Students:

For High School Students:


3 Steps to Begin Your Hunt


1. Download Instructions

Click the button above to download a file including instructions, rules and background info on the inventions to find that students can follow along!


2. Find The Inventions

Search our website for the lost inventions on the list using the clues provided!


3. Submit Your Discoveries Here


Contest ends June 8! When you have found all 8 inventions on the list, click here to submit your detailed findings on this form.

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