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“There's a better way to do it, find it.”
Thomas A Edison

Who is

Thomas Edison?

Edison is world gold standard for invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. No one has ever duplicated the sheer volume and depth of his 1093 patents, which virtually define the standard of living we enjoy today. His classic inventions were the practical light bulb, phonograph, storage battery and movie camera. 

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Edison's images and quotes have been crucial in successfully promoting products by Chick-Fil-A, Chevy Volt, Intel & more. We love to work with brands that are as innovative & as forward thinking as Edison himself!

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Man of the Millennium

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Discover how Edison not only changed history, but the world as we know it today.
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Take a trip back in time to the world's first movie studio, restored and inspiring.
See the world through the spirit of Edison as his greatest salesman leads you on a passionate, guided tour.
Join the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest to create your own inventions to solve problems that you see in the world.

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