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Since its inception the Foundation has supported and implemented programs that boost science and technology, education and career potential for students. Some examples include:

   Nationwide "Thomas Edison Invention Challenge" design contest for middle/high school students

   Edison "Pitch" contest (see below)

   Alternate energy resource books for middle school classrooms

   The Edison Invention notebook for student inventors

   Thomas Edison's Secret Lab - Animated Children's TV show, located on Netflix

   Support of the National Museum of Education (NMOE) and ther National Gallery for America's Young Inventors; and NMOE's Inventucation


   Edison's Desk- A trademark used for any innovative service or project which is branded with the "Edison's Desk" name or image

Edison "Pitch" Contest
Edison Innovation Foundation collaborates with its sister Foundation, Charles Edison Fund, to run programs to promote the Edison Legacy.

A newly created "Edison Pitch Contest" where middle school and high school students (grades 6 to 12) create and submit their own commercial property and inventions.
The judges select 3 of the best submissions and invite them to come to the Edison Lab in West Orange, New Jersey to "Pitch" to a panel of judges.

The best project, invention and Pitch will be rewarded with prizes and offered the opportunity to be photographed sitting in Edison's original desk!
Below is a photo of all three final groups from the 2017 "Edison Pitch Contest" that made it to the judeging at the Thomas Edison's Laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey.
2017 Pitch Contest Finalists 

                        Edison's Desk                                                                                Up close image of the cubbyholes in his desk

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