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Edison Photo

Scavenger Hunt

Help Edison find his Favorite Photos to look back over the holidays!

Our historical photo scavenger hunt is a unique way to learn about Thomas Edison's life as an inventor. Submit your findings before December 10 for the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card ($25 Gift Cards also available for 2nd & 3rd place)!

**Students under 13 years old must enter the contest with a parent or guardian!

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3 Steps to Begin Your Hunt


1.  Download Instructions here

You can find the full instructions and rules on this Google Slides document including instructions,


2. Find The Photos

Search our website for the photos on the list using the clues provided! Save or screenshot the photos to include in your submission.

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3. Submit Your Discoveries Here


Contest ends Dec 8! When you have found all 10 photos on the list & chosen your favorite, click here to submit your scrapbook on this form.

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