Edison's Cars

The Edison Garage and vintage autos are a popular visitor attraction. Estimated to cost approximately $2.5 million, this work will involve:

Restoration of historic cars including:

     Electric vehicles

     Gasoline vehicles

     Restoration of the electric vehicle charging station-the oldest still in


     Purchase of modern electric vehicles

     Cleaning and repainting of the walls and ceiling

     Restoration of special garage features like the rotating turntable

     Special education display exhibits

     A second floor invention incubator and education center

TAE - Initials of Thomas Alva Edison found on the Brougham. Mina Edison's favorite

The Detroit Electric Brougham

Edison Storage Battery, can be found on the Brougham

Return of the Detroit Electric Victoria, July 11, 2017                      The Ford Model T outside Edison's Cement Garage

The Brewster Ford Town Car (left)

The Ford Model T Touring Car (right)

The first Electric Charging Station

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