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Edison Invention Challenge

First Place: Eggstractor

Created by Abe and Daniel, The Eggstractor is an invention that will easily separate eggshells from the useful parts of the egg, while at the same time blending the egg yolks and whites into a smooth mixture. The Eggstractor will decrease the inconvenience and health risk of egg shells found in food, and will also make it more efficient to prepare egg food dishes and products. The invention uses the components from the list provided, as well as one common kitchen tea infuser cup.

Second Place:Office Organizer

My name is Sophia and I am ten years old. I believe that every invention fixes a problem. My problem is that many people's offices are a big mess, so I created an invention to help fix that. My invention contains a fork, corkscrew, 10 inches of string, household item, and a plastic cup. For example the fork holds all of the paperclips, the corkscrew holds pencils, under the cup you can store erasers,and I used the strainer to hold all the tacks (in one photo the tacks, erasers, paperclips, pencils, and tacks are just examples). I hope my invention helps offices stay organized. God bless you, thank you very much!

Third Place: Mini Washing Machine

We created a mini washing machine. You will keep the bar of soap screwed into the corkscrew. You will twist the corkscrew in the cup, add water and the soap will move around and clean the small items. You could use this to wash Barbie clothes.  
Created by: Morgan, Isabella, Aiden, Sarah

Honorable Mention: VENN DIAGRAM

My name is Asritha and I created a tool to easily draw a perfect Venn Diagram. I used a corkscrew, 10 inches of string, a circular bar of soap, a cup, and a pencil (as my extra item). To use this tool, the first step is to trace the cup* using the corkscrew to hold down the cup (1st picture). The soap is to add weight to the cup so the tool does no tip over. After tracing, remove the cup and soap in a simple pulling motion. Then, using the spiral of the corkscrew, poke a hole anywhere on the circumference of the drawn circle. After you have a hole, remove the corkscrew. Then, place the spiral in the middle of the circle without making a hole. To create the exact same circle, adjust the levers of the corkscrew until they touch opposite sides of the circle. Without moving the length of the space between the levers, poke the spiral back in the original hole on the circumference. Slowly twist the corkscrew to draw the second circle After the second circle is finished, remove the corkscrew to reveal a perfect Venn Diagram with EVEN circles and a PROPORTIONAL middle.
*To get different sized Venn Diagrams, use different sized cups.

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