Logos & Trademarks for Licensing

Edison Intellectual Property (“I.P.”)

List of Edison Intellectual Property (“I.P.”)

•  Edison Trademarks and Logos owned by the Fund.
•  Edison Name (“Thomas A. Edison”), as it applies to all the intellectual property as a

     whole, listed in this section.
•  Edison Images and Media Logos.
•  Edison Quotes.
•  Edison Artifacts and Memorabilia owned by Edison Foundations.
•  Access Agreement with National Park Service for Thomas Edison National Historical

   Park access (West Orange, NJ).
•  Website (ThomasEdison.org) and Blog (EdisonMuckers.org) and all Social Media

   connections (including “Facebook” and Blog pages).
•  Edison Branding and Marketing Material (online and offline).
•  Edison “Awards” and various Busts, Statues and Trophies presented to contributors and

•  Edison Photos and Letters (including Family letters) and related documents.

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