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[Pictures Left to Right: First Place Winners – Car Exhaust Charger from High Point Regional High School; Third Place Winners – Methane Powered Toilet from Heritage Middle School; Best Invention Notebook Award from the Marine Academy of Science and Technology]



There are many ways to support the works of the Edison Innovation Foundation both during your lifetime and at death.  We encourage you to consider one of these methods:

1.  Gifts of Money (check or Pay Pal). The most frequently used method of making a charitable gift is by check or by PayPal.  Your check should be made payable to Edison Innovation Foundation. (Download Form Below). Upon receipt of the check or PayPal payment, we will send you a written confirmation of your gift for tax preparation purposes.

2.  Appreciated Securities. Donors who contribute appreciated securities held for more than one year may be entitled to an income tax benefit:

(a)  A deduction for the asset’s full present market value (instead of the lower cost basis); and

(b)   Completed avoidance of capital gains tax on the asset’s appreciation (difference between the cost basis and its present fair market value).

3.  Planned Gifts.  There are many gifts that allow you to make a gift today    that will benefit the Foundation upon your death.  They include making  a will bequest, trust provision, naming the Foundation as a full or partial beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance policy agreement, or a gift of full or partial interest in real estate.  In addition to leaving your legacy to EIF and all those we serve, the gifts provide significant tax advantages for you and your estate.

Corporatation or Non-Profit Entities

Corporations may wish to consider a cash donation to the Edison Innovation Foundation for any one or more of the following reasons:

1.  A partnership with a nonprofit, which is good marketing (“CSR”);
2.  An innovative new product;
3.  An entrepreneurial program or project;
4.  An educational institution including using STEM;
5.  A high tech application;
6.  One of Edison’s industries, i.e. movies, music, electric power;
7.  Use of the quotes or images of Thomas Edison, the world’s greatest inventor;
8.  An Edison artifacts display (in a lobby or similar); or
9.  A program on Innovation for K to 12 children.

If you would like to learn more about a planned gift and/or questions regarding a contribution, please contact Christine at 973-648-0500 or by email (

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