Racers … Start Your Engines

Her engine doesn’t growl, and there are probably no fancy exhibits or models standing around her; but she is as clean as a whistle when you turn her on – and everyone will recognize the image of Thomas Edison on her hood.

We are talking about the Edison Foundation funded Lotus7 replica now being shown proudly at the New York Auto Show. Ron Grosinger at Memorial High in West New York, New Jersey is the energetic and highly motivated teacher in charge of the car build. He and his students have been working very hard to get the car ready for the nationally recognized auto show. We wish them good luck at the event, and are proud to be there with them and have the name and image of the world’s greatest inventor associated with this fine work. We cannot wait to show the car off at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

Read more at Edisonmuckers.org.

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