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Thomas Edison – Intellectual Property (IP) Licenses

Young Thomas Edison with his TelegraphThomas Edison (1847-1931) has been hailed as the world’s greatest inventor. Among his many inventions (1,093 patents) are the phonograph, motion picture camera and the light bulb (including the entire electric power industry). He also created the basic approach to industrial research and development (R&D) still used today.

Besides being an inventor he really stands out as an innovator and entrepreneur which is one of the reasons TIME Magazine stated he is “still relevant today”.  One of his many famous quotes is

“There’s a better way to do it. Find it.”

One of the best examples of his vision was the development of an electric car in 1905, which has come back into favor over 100 years later.

Charles Edison, son of Thomas Edison, created a non-profit entity which is the entity responsible for licensing the intellectual property of Thomas Alva Edison (“I.P.”)  A list of some of that I.P. is shown below.

Below shows some of the past and current Edison I.P. license agreements.  Nondisclosure agreements between the Fund and those Licensees prohibit disclosure of Licensee names and terms.

In summary, a number of sophisticated clients and their advertising agencies have selected the Edison Brand and I.P. to promote:

1.  A partnership with a nonprofit which is good marketing (“CSR”);
2.  An innovative new product;
3.  An entrepreneurial program or project;
4.  An educational institution including using STEM;
5.  A high tech application;
6.  One of Edison’s industries, i.e. movies, music, electric power;
7.  Use of the quotes or images of Thomas Edison, the world’s greatest inventor; or
8.  An Edison artifacts display  (in a lobby or similar).

The royalty cost for a license is dependent on numerous factors including  Geography (national or worldwide), Time Period (3 months), Delivery (Print, TV or Internet) and Size of Audience (“eyeballs”).

The Fund and its affiliate, Edison Innovation Foundation, continue to diligently promote and protect the Edison Legacy  and support science and technology education as part of their mission.

List of Edison Intellectual Property (“I.P.”)

•  Edison Trademarks and Logos owned by the Fund.
•  Edison Name (“Thomas A. Edison”), as it applies to all the intellectual property as a whole, listed in this section.
•  Edison Images and Media Logos.
•  Edison Quotes.
•  Edison Artifacts and Memorabilia owned by Edison Foundations.
•  Access Agreement with National Park Service for Thomas Edison National Historical Park access (West Orange, NJ).
•  Website ( and Blog ( and all Social Media connections (including “Facebook” and Blog pages).
•  Edison Branding and Marketing Material (online and offline).
•  Edison “Awards” and various Busts, Statues and Trophies presented to contributors and awardees.
•  Edison Photos and Letters (including Family letters) and related documents.

Edison Licenses Past & Present

•  U.S. Automaker (gas engine)
•  Commercial for personal hygiene product
•  Innovation commercial
•  Korean Industrial Co.
•  Korean MP3 Maker
•  Japan Patent Office
•  Wall Street Brokerage
•  Edison Nation
•  Large software company
•  U.S. Automaker, electric vehicle
•  European Pharma Company